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Best Alternate to Carrier Transicold TRU

Carrier Transicold TRU 

The Nivalis TRU-POWER 6800, is a perfect alternative to Carrier Transicold TRU, is designed for the eco-friendly transport of perishable goods. Utilizing a high-voltage lithium-ion 400-volt battery pack

The Nivalis TRU-POWER 6800, an alternative to Carrier Transicold TRU, is designed for the eco-friendly transport of perishable goods.

The Nivalis TRU-Power 6800 is developed to replace the standard diesel-powered generator to allow for clean transportation of temperature-sensitive cargo. The TRU-Power 6800 is used to power the Trailer Refrigeration Unit (TRU) through the energy from a high-voltage lithium-ion 400-volt battery pack. This energy is inverted and provided to the TRU as a robust AC electrical supply. The TRU-Power 6800 is controlled by a master unit that handles power distribution, onboard diagnostics, and communication between different parts of the system. Important information about the system is shown on a display for the driver. Primary features of the Nivalis TRU-Power 6800 are highlighted below.

Electrified Refrigeration Unit

carrier tru

transportation refrigeration

transportation refrigeration

carrier transicold alternates

carrier tru

carrier tru

Battery Module Assembly

The Nivalis battery pack incorporates proven LG Energy Solution’s high energy density modules found in passenger vehicles across the globe into our reliable, cost-effective battery. These include a nominal energy of 137kWh at a nominal voltage of 440V. The battery has been designed and tested to meet industry safety standards and military-grade shock and vibration compliance. Quality and reliability of manufacturing are guaranteed by our manufacturing partner, Linamar, who brings decades of tier-1 automotive-grade manufacturing experience.

Electric Transportation Refrigeration Units

TRU Power Electronics System

The TRU-Power 6800 Electronics System enables optimum power flow to the TRU. By pairing proven components with Nivalis advanced controls, the system optimizes battery and power electronics temperatures, ensures safe and efficient CCS fast charging, and delivers robust 3 phase AC power to the TRU. The TRU Power system also enables continuous lift gate battery charging capability to reduce trailer maintenance and down time.

CCS1 Fast Charging

The TRU-Power system incorporates a CCS1 charging port. This DC fast-charge technology is the proven charging mode for EV vehicles across the United States enabling our customers to readily utilize existing charging infrastructure or quickly deploy existing technology for new charger installations. DC fast charge technology allows the TRU Power system to charge in 90 minutes without safety concerns of traditional AC shore-power connections.

Transport Refrigeration Systems (TRU)
TRU-Power 6800 TRU Electrified Refrigeration Unit




Battery Size (Nominal)



Battery Voltage (Nominal)


V (DC)

Output Power (480VAC, 3 Phase, 60hz)



Max Battery Charge Rate 

*Equivalent to 2hr



Charge Connection Type