Nivalis Energy Systems Electric Transportation Refrigeration Units (TRU)



Established in 2020 under the leadership of Townsend Capital, Nivalis Energy Systems was founded with the objective of integrating established tier 1 automotive components into heavy-duty battery systems to ensure resilient operations using proven products. Leveraging its 15+ years of experience in commercial vehicle electrification systems and the profound automotive and extensive lithium-ion battery expertise of our dedicated team, our mission is centered on innovation and the deployment of a scalable, environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and automotive-grade solution geared towards achieving 100% electrified cold logistics.

Dennis Townsend

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

David Townsend

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Emswiler

Chief Financial Officer

 Sam Plunkett, PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Justin Lesniak

Director of Engineering

Larissa Petroff

Senior Manager of Supply Chain & Operations

James Dutz, PMP

Director of Business Development

townsend capital

Townsend Capital, LLC was founded in 1975 by Dennis Townsend.  Dennis was one of the original pioneers in limited partnership syndications, specializing in the structuring and placement of tax advantaged investments in real estate and oil and natural gas exploration.  For nearly 30 years, the primary focus of the company was commercial real estate acquisition and development.

In 2008, the company transitioned into a more diverse private equity firm focusing on investments in the emerging energy sector. Towsend’s initial investment was a majority ownership interest in Kokam Co., Ltd, a Korean lithium battery manufacturer, followed by the creation of XALT Energy, a joint venture between Townsend and The Dow Chemical Company.  Under Townsend’s leadership, XALT was at the forefront of the electrification of heavy-duty commercial transportation including buses and ships.

Townsend Capital has a proven track record of creating success throughout its 45+ year history across a broad range of industries.  The executives of Townsend Capital maintain an active role in all investments.  With its financial strength and immediate decision making, Townsend Capital is able to execute transactions with speed and certainty.