About Us

Nivalis Energy was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers passionate about displacing aging technologies with safe, reliable, and emissions free energy storage which enables a lower cost of ownership and operation. The Nivalis team brings together expertise in Design and Application Engineering, Automotive Power Train development, Advanced Manufacturing, and Mass Production operations.

Nivalis’s mission is to bring the benefits of core engineered modules, which can be configured to a customer’s requirements, together with the cost benefits and speed to market advantages of mass production processes. This enables all customers to take advantage of lithium ion and electrification technologies.

A modular BMS architecture with the latest Li-ion advancements enables the delivery of solutions across Chemistries, Power/Energy applications, and a broad range of Life and Cycle requirements. The modular architecture is further advantaged with the ability to interchange cell variants into the core module design with minimal to no impact on system design, change lead-time, or overall system cost. Thus, future proofing a customer’s product with the ability to provide drop-in integration of ongoing advancements in cell and chemistry technology.

The inclusion of a patented thermal management solution ensures that peak system performance can be maintained, and life can be extended, even in extreme environments and operating profiles. This enables high efficiency and emissions free power to be safely and reliably delivered for the entire life of the product.

Nivalis is dedicated to delivering products that displace legacy technology with economically superior and increased performance solutions. Thus, accelerating the conversion to safe, reliable, clean, and affordable electrification. Personal Mobility, Industrial Robotics + Material Handling, Commercial Vehicle Auxiliary Power, and Communications Infrastructure Backup Power are key market segments being served by Nivalis products.

Nivalis - Technology


Technology Strategy and Core Markets formalized
Nivalis - Official Launch Announced

July 2020

Official Launch Announced
Nivalis - Prototype

December 2020

Gen1 Prototype
Battery delivered
Nivalis - Approval

April 2020

Gen1 Production Approval
Nivalis - Production

June 2020

Gen1 Full Production