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Nivalis - Safe & Reliable Power

Safe &
Reliable Power

Nivalis - Thermal Management


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Nivalis Energy Battery Systems

Nivalis Energy delivers high efficiency and emissions-free power to customers across a growing range of markets and applications.

Spanning markets segments including Personal Mobility, Industrial Applications, and Aux/Backup Power; Nivalis is enabling products that displace legacy technology with economically superior and higher performance solutions.

Nivalis Energy’s systems combine the benefits of a configurable module and BMS architecture with the economic advantages of mass production processes to support markets experiencing rapid growth in advanced electrification.

Nivalis - Personal Mobility

Personal Mobility

  • Personal Mobility
  • Personal/Utility vehicles
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
Nivalis - Auxiliary Power

Auxiliary Power

  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Diesel Generator Replacement
  • Hoteling APU/Anti-Idling
  • Emergency Vehicle Auxiliary Power
Nivalis - Industrial Material Handling & Robotics

Industrial Material
Handling & Robotics

  • Aerial & Light Duty Construction Equipment
  • Industrial Material Handling Robotics
  • Fork Truck
Nivalis - Communication Network Backup Power

Network Backup Power

  • Distributed/Remote Station Backup Power
  • Communication Antenna Backup Power

Energy Engineered

Nivalis Energy Systems is dedicated to bringing safe, reliable, and cost advantaged energy solutions to all markets and applications.